Beaman Branch 2 Family Tree

The Early Descendants of Gamaliel Beaman & Sarah Clark

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Tree Home Page
The "Beaman Oak" Tree
Lancaster, Massachusetts
This photo is identical to the photo in Emily Beaman Wooden's book.

The Beaman Branch 2 Family Tree members are the early descendants in the Beaman family line of Gamaliel Beaman & Sarah Clark.
This family tree is from Emily Beaman Wooden's 1909 book:

"The Beaman and Clark Genealogy: A History of the Descendants of Gamaliel Beaman and Sarah Clark of Dorchester and Lancaster, Mass. 1635-1909".

There are two deviations from the book.:
1. Where there are a few duplicate family member ID numbers, the duplicate numbers are altered by changing the 1st digit to a "9".
2. Where each non-Beaman spouse is not assigned a family member ID number, he\she is assigned the same number as the Beaman spouse, but with a "B" suffix. If there is a 2nd marriage, the 2nd non-Beaman spouse's number has a "C" suffix.

The first entry in the book for the continuation of the Beaman ancestral lineage from the Beaman Branch 1 Family Tree is Dexter Beaman (book family member ID number 236 on page 40) of the 7th generation.
The ancestor charts in the Beaman Branch 1 Family Tree & the Beaman Branch 2 Family Tree depict this lineage.

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